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Hello there! Since 2011

I live through UI Since 2013

I think through UX Since 2014

I have fun illustrating Since ever

I learn by teaching Since 2013

I enjoy coding Since 2012

Beat's in my blood Since 2007


I’m Joaquín a
Digital Designer

Im Joaquín a young digital designer from buenos aires Argentina. Currently Im working as a UI/UX designer at Mercado Libre, the biggest Online Marketplace in Latin América.

Since 2013 I work as a teacher of Typography at university of Buenos Aires. I invite you to take a look at all the things that i love to do, that inspires me to work hard and enjoy my life everyday.


UI Design's been my life for a long time

Since 4 years ago web design, and particularly digital user interactions, have transformed in one of my key points in my profesional life.
The digital world and the interaction experience with interfaces are not only enough nerdy to be my interests but also I always believe that, the future is gonna be digital!


I love theoretical thinking

The incorporation of UX concepts in my profesional life its been one of the biggest milestones in my career. As a designer, its easy to think that your decisions are the result of a great analysis that you make because you think differently and creatively, but that doesn’t mean that you are doing a good job for users. Its interesting how we manage a way out of the possibility of having feedback within the process, because we assume that we are capable of figuring things out by our own.
By becoming more UX driven, I started to feel that I was finally understanding what it really means to design, not an experience for myself but for the user that’s gonna be the ones using your product.


Ideas expressed in another language

Since I’m a child I draw, its a kind of hobbit for myself that transformed in a skill in my profesional life. I’m not an illustrator, I’m a Graphic Designer that has the ability to make some kind of cute illustrations. This difference its really important for me, an illustrator can handle many more graphical universes that I can possibly handle.
In a way its an ability that I don’t wanna ever stop feeding and I’m constantly forcing myself to keep estimulating, but not as a traditional illustrator, I like to mix things up with other skills that I have, like frontend coding and animation. That’s why I do a lot of illustrations mixed with UI, so that I can use together all of my skills and passions.


Teaching as a way of learning

In 2013 I started to teach in the cátedra Cosgaya in the essay typography in the University of Buenos Aires. Since the beginning It is one of the biggest, yet more valuable, challenge I have in my career as a designer. Explain what you think you have learn and ask yourself about every decision you made when designing anything.
Not so much designers have the possibility of exploring that difficulty of entering in the metadesign. Ask yourself questions about your process to help another person achieve his best potencial, Is not only graceful but also a great way of learning more about design and yourself.


Trying to be a Life Hacker

First of all I'm not a real frontender. Everyday I learn new stuff about frontend I feel awful about myself.
But also theres no day that I dont wanna do frontend o learn soñé thing new about it, not only for the challenge of making my design real, but for the pleasure of ensuring that is the best of my initial design.

Surrounded by developers, I love the challenge of learning from them, since the Logic of ruby on rails to the principles of mysql. Its not about learning to do what they do but understanding how it works, that i think that makes me a better designer everyday. I think that if a designer doesnt care about the basic principles of the implementation process, the design suffers of the lack of the knowledge, and that is one of the basic principles of the design process, the research.


Drumming my head away

Im i a musician? I really think Im not, but for me the music is a way to put away my mind from everyday thoughts, kind of a theraphy to stay sharp.
Play drums is a challenge of coordination, councience, consistency, learn to listen, learn to be company and find the balance between the silence and the accent that makes the rhythm in every song.


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